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Annual Congress on Yoga and Meditation , will be organized around the theme “Explore the serenity inside you”

Yoga-meditation 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Yoga-meditation 2019

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Yoga is a social affair of physical, mental, and significant practices or instructs which began in old India. Yoga, as a prepared strategy for achieving a goal. Yoga, as frameworks of controlling the body and the cerebrum. Yoga, in regards to various words, for instance, "hatha-, mantra-, and laya-," suggesting traditions work particularly methods of yoga; Yoga, as the goal of Yoga rehearses. Yoga, as a methodology for going into various bodies, creating different bodies, and the satisfaction of other great accomplishments. Yoga's goal as reflection driven means to opportunity in Indian religions. Yoga welcomes us into association, parity, and association with practices that straightforwardly address the scope of issues caused by habit. Associated with our wholeness, we all the more promptly perceive our addictive practices and locate the internal quality to move past them. There are various types of yoga.

  • Track 1-1Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
  • Track 1-2Swara Yoga
  • Track 1-3Kriya Yoga
  • Track 1-4Kriya Yoga
  • Track 1-5Karma Yoga
  • Track 1-6Kundalini Yoga
  • Track 1-7Bhakti Yoga
  • Track 1-8 Mantra Yoga
  • Track 1-9Jnana Yoga
  • Track 1-10Hatha Yoga
  • Track 1-11Raja Yoga


Yoga and Ayurveda are two "sister" hones that began in India a large number of years prior. Presently, a considerable measure of us knows about yoga and have encountered directly through stances, breath work, and self-request its significant advantages. However, a considerable lot of us are not as acquainted with Ayurveda. We may have found out about it related to yoga, yet are not exactly beyond any doubt how, precisely. In her R&R Retreat workshop Yoga and Ayurveda, Kripalu School of Yoga employee Jurian Hughes brings up that yoga implies association in Sanskrit, and a meaning of Ayurveda is the knowledge of life. Investigated together, these corresponding practices can offer us transformative devices that cultivate more prominent wellbeing and essentialness. What's more, as Jurian likewise clarifies, incorporating Ayurvedic standards into your yoga practice can make a more profound, more extravagant experience on the tangle that you can take with you off the tangle also. Ayurveda is certainly not one-estimate fits-all rationality," Jurian says. "We're continually in motion for the duration of the day: our vitality level and our state of mind, for instance, are an alternate before anything else than they are at twelve." Ayurveda, at that point, is customized, natural wellbeing rationality. As per Ayurvedic standards, every one of us has a novel constitution administered by our physical and passionate cosmetics, and in addition, our way of life the sustenance’s we eat, what time we rest. These constitutions are called doshas, and they are associated with the components. The doshas are Vata (air and sky), pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water).

Yoga treatment uses presents, breathing strategies, and contemplation to profit and enhance by and large wellbeing. While any kind of yoga can bring medical advantages, yoga treatment includes utilizing an assortment of yoga practices to attempt to enhance a wellbeing condition or to facilitate a characteristic procedure, for example, pregnancy or menopause. Among the yogic devices utilized restoratively are asana (the physical stances), Pranayama (breathing activities), contemplation, and guided symbolism. Albeit numerous individuals don't understand it, yogis likewise look at eating routine as a fundamental piece of yoga and in this way of yoga treatment. While any kind of yoga can bring medical advantages, yoga treatment includes utilizing an assortment of yoga practices to attempt to enhance a wellbeing condition or to facilitate a characteristic procedure, for example, pregnancy or menopause. Among the yogic instruments utilized remedially are asana (the physical stances), Pranayama (breathing activities), contemplation, and guided symbolism. Albeit numerous individuals don't understand it, yogis likewise think about eating routine as a vital piece of yoga and consequently of yoga treatment.

  • Track 3-1Ashtanga
  • Track 3-2Bikram
  • Track 3-3Hatha
  • Track 3-4Restorative
  • Track 3-5Vinyasa

Mudra signifies "seal" or "conclusion" in Sanskrit. We utilize these signals for the most part in reflection or in pranayama practice to coordinate the stream of vitality inside the body by utilizing the hands. Distinctive territories of the hands are associated with regions in the body and the cerebrum. So when we put our hands in yoga mudras, we invigorate diverse zones of the mind and make a particular vitality circuit in the body. By doing this, we help create a particular perspective. The universe is made of five components, and every one of the five fingers is spoken to by one of these components. The thumb speaks to the fire, and in addition all-inclusive awareness. The forefinger speaks to air and individual awareness.

The middle finger speaks to akasha, or association. The ring finger speaks to earth and the little finger the component of water. At the point when these five components are not in parity, we can encounter ailment in the body. Mudras are one method for making a harmony between these components inside us. The different types of Mudras are as follow

  • Track 4-1Gyana Mudra
  • Track 4-2Shuni Mudra
  • Track 4-3Surya Ravi Mudra
  • Track 4-4Buddhi Mudra
  • Track 4-5Prana Mudra
  • Track 4-6Dhyana Mudra
  • Track 4-7Anjali Mudra

Through inward attunement, the antiquated yogis could see the enthusiastic premise of all issue. The seven chakras or vitality focuses contain their model of the fiery or inconspicuous body. Each chakra is situated along the spine, beginning at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. These "spinning circles of light" each emanate a particular shading and profound quality and are related with comparing mental, physical, and passionate states important for the improvement of the entire individual. The seven chakras in Yoga are as follows.

  • Track 5-1Muladhara or Root Chakra
  • Track 5-2Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra
  • Track 5-3Manipura Chakra
  • Track 5-4Anahata Chakra
  • Track 5-5Vissudha Chakra
  • Track 5-6Ajna Chakra
  • Track 5-7Sahasrara Chakra

The greater part of us (myself included) have an over-dynamic thoughtful sensory system One part of the autotonic (or automatic) sensory system, the thoughtful sensory system expands pulse, circulatory strain, cortisol levels, and muscle pressure; while the other branch, the parasympathetic sensory system (rest-process and reflect-divert), brings down pulse, circulatory strain, cortisol and glucose levels, and muscle strain. When you stop to consider that your sensory system is at the focal point of our mind-body organize influencing our physical, enthusiastic and mental bodies, and also our invulnerable framework, torment pathways, and profound instinctive body it winds up evident exactly how imperative adjusting our sensory system is for our general wellbeing and prosperity. Whenever you wind up understanding focused, drained, restless or out and out tense, attempt a couple of the yoga presents underneath to quiet your sensory system and bring your mind-body organize into a condition of equalization.

 5 Yoga Poses to Balance our Nervous System

  • Track 6-1Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Track 6-2Supported Bridge Pose
  • Track 6-3Waterfall Pose
  • Track 6-4Bound Angle Pose
  • Track 6-5Supported Child’s Pose

Yoga is a science that tackles the natural capacity of the body to enhance its forces and working. It can go about as a moment psychological lift. It calms pressure, which improves the task of the mind. Additionally, breathing through the left nostril actuates the correct cerebrum and the other way around. Super mind yoga is a progression of straightforward yoga represents that are ending up progressively prevalent among experts and instructors. Reflection is related with the thicker cerebral cortex and more dim issue. These are the parts of the cerebrum connected to the memory, ability to focus, basic leadership, and learning. In this manner, contemplation is a way to build intellectual competence. 

Here are some pranayamas and yoga asanas for a more efficient brain

  • Track 7-1Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breathing)
  • Track 7-2Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)
  • Track 7-3Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)
  • Track 7-4Halasana (Plow Pose)
  • Track 7-5Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Our bodies are continually changing. Be that as it may, in pregnancy the body encounters "a quickened pace of progress," and needs assistance altering and redressing. "Pre-birth hone is intended to help the progressions that occur in a pregnant body," by offering ladies comprehensive, safe approaches to extend their muscles and reinforce their bodies their lower bodies specifically to facilitate the way toward supporting a developing gut. Prenatal yoga conditions the physical body, particularly the pelvic floor, hip and stomach centre muscles, in anticipation of the birthing procedure. A legitimately conditioned muscle has the correct harmony among length and quality it is neither excessively remiss nor too tight. Building and keeping up muscle tone amid pregnancy, with yoga presents like jumps and delicate backbends, can help limit the throbbing painfulness of those nine months, and are entering in taking your body back to a conditioned condition after conveyance.


  • Track 8-1Body gets more support
  • Track 8-2Important muscle groups are toned
  • Track 8-3Better prepared for labor and delivery
  • Track 8-4Relief from common pregnancy complaints
  • Track 8-5Healthier pregnancy

Most treatment focuses empower exercises like these while their customers are getting rehabbed from medications and alcohol. Care yoga can fall into indistinguishable classification from things like illustration and composing classes, in spite of the fact that it remains without anyone else on the grounds that it is likewise amazingly advantageous for your body and generally wellbeing. In any case, every one of them direction your emphasis on what is happening before you, with the goal that your mind doesn't meander to the past or visit the future, however rather it remains in the present. Beginning care yoga rehearses in treatment and conveying it into your compulsion recuperation can manage you to use sound judgment. There are various purposes behind this.

Yoga makes you feel better. When you do yoga consistently, you turn out to be considerably more aware of your body, and how great you can feel on the off chance that you treat it legitimately. When you do yoga, you'll need to keep on accomplishing an ever increasing number of things to profit your body as opposed to hurting it. As a characteristic outcome, you'll be more averse to get medications and liquor and possibly demolish how great you feel. It is a leisure activity to keep you involved. Inhabit recuperation, weariness is a perilous thing. As a someone who is addicted, when you don't have anything to do your mind will start to meander, and frequently your mind will lead you ideal back to pondering medications or liquor. Also, the more it is at the forefront of your thoughts, the more probable you will be to backslide. Yoga gives you an outlet for your fatigue, since it is something you can do whenever, anyplace.

Yoga instructs care. Compulsion is the inverse of care. When you are in the dynamic habit, you, for the most part, follow up on the drive and the craving for prompt satisfaction. Each time you take a beverage of liquor or shoot heroin, you are contemplating how you will feel in the quick future, and not what sort of effect it will have on you once the buzz or high vanishes. When you begin doing yoga, you will contemplate your activities and the results they have. This by itself can be sufficient to stop a backslide. The immense thing about care yoga is that it makes you begin giving careful consideration to your body. Indeed, even individuals who aren't addicts, however, who used to carry on with an undesirable way of life, now and then get yoga and totally turn their way of life around. The equivalent can go for anybody, even individuals independence recuperation. On the off chance that you turn into a general yoga professional, you will be more disposed to get solid nourishment and do things that are useful for your body as opposed to harming it with synthetics found in medications and liquor.


Acupuncture is a type of treatment that includes embedding’s thin needles through a person's skin at particular focuses on the body, to different profundities. Research recommends that it can help soothe pain, and it is utilized for an extensive variety of different grievances. As indicated by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), there is constrained proof for its viability in zones other than pain. An acupuncturist will embed needles into a person's body with the point of adjusting their vitality. This, it is asserted, can help support prosperity and may fix a few diseases. Conditions it is utilized to incorporate various types of agony, for example, cerebral pains, circulatory strain issues, and challenging hack, among others.

   Conventional Chinese prescription clarifies that wellbeing is the aftereffect of an agreeable parity of the corresponding boundaries of "yin" and "yang" of the existing drive known as "qi," articulated "chi." Illness is said to be the outcome of an unevenness of the powers. Qi is said to course through meridians, or pathways, in the human body. These meridiens and vitality streams are open through 350 needle therapy focuses on the body. Embedding’s needles into these focuses with suitable blends are said to bring the vitality stream once more into appropriate equalization. There is no logical evidence that the meridians or needle therapy focus exist, and it is difficult to demonstrate that they either do or don't, yet various examinations propose that needle therapy works for a few conditions. 


  • Track 10-1Relieve tension headaches and migraines
  • Track 10-2Low back pain
  • Track 10-3Low neck pain
  • Track 10-4Can reduce osteoarthritis
  • Track 10-5Low knee pain

Herbals have been used for wellbeing and therapeutic purposes for two or three a considerable number of years, the larger part of individuals as yet utilizing natural medication to meet their prosperity needs. Remedial plants are basic hotspots for pharmaceutical assembling. Restorative plants and home grown medications having the most raised market in Asia for 10 years; remedial plants can be used as nourishment to meet ordinary necessities of the body.

Certain European and Oriental countries have been examining the use of herbs and have been by and by since the several years. The principal herbs have no side effects; fixes are in a condition of concordance with nature which is the best notwithstanding point where no other pharmaceutical can state these certainties. 

The top nine easy-to-grow medicinal herbs are:

  • Track 11-1Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
  • Track 11-2Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum)
  • Track 11-3Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)
  • Track 11-4Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)
  • Track 11-5Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Track 11-6Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
  • Track 11-7Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
  • Track 11-8Lavender (Lavandula)
  • Track 11-9German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Thousand years back, ancient China brings forth Traditional Chinese Medicine. It incorporates many Body and Mind hones, for instance, Acupuncture, Tui-na (Chinese restorative back rub), Moxibustion (consuming a herb over the skin to apply warmth to needle therapy focuses), Qigong (rehearses that consolidate particular developments or stances, composed breathing, and mental center), Tai-chi, Chinese natural medication and Dietary treatment. TCM is engrained in the long time past reasoning of Taoism and goes back over 2,500 years. A portion of similar practices additionally found in Easter and Southern nations, for example, Korea and Japan, In Japan, this treatment is known as Kempo. They are having the relatively same framework, however, every ha created singular scenes of its own.

  • Track 12-1Tui na (Massage)
  • Track 12-2Qi gong (Exercise)
  • Track 12-3Gua Sha
  • Track 12-4Hormonal Imbalance
  • Track 12-5Cupping
  • Track 12-6Model of the Body
  • Track 12-7Holistic Acupuncture
  • Track 12-8Alternative Therapy